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Don't Settle For A Dull, Unfulfilling Career.

Working side-by-side with celebrities on set / Developing AAA video game titles / Making chart-topping records - Does this sound like the career you've always dreamed of? 

You only have one life - Spend it doing what you're passionate about!

Here's What You Get:

  • Over 11 Hours of Insider Information tailored to guarantee your success.  
  • Learn what professionalism looks like to the INDUSTRY.  You'll be equipped with knowledge and resources that will make you a valuable asset, and a welcome presence in ANY situation.
  • You'll learn how to navigate the hard times.  This is when most people give up, but not you - you saw this coming, and you'll be prepared to handle it.
  • A thorough financial look at the Music, Film/TV, and Gaming industries - you'll have an inside look at the most financially lucrative opportunities available.
  • When people do give up it's usually not in school.  No, they quit when they get a taste of the real world.  The Entertainment Career Jump-Starter will teach you what the industry expects of you, from day one, to year 5 and beyond.
  • A sobering look at the college system and how it applies to you, your future, and your career in entertainment.  
  • A crash course on how to generate a vast source of income as quickly as possible.
  • You'll learn how to master multiple skill-sets, and become a major asset to a wide variety of clientele. 
  • Over 6 Hours of BONUS interview content with world class entertainment professionals working at the height of their careers!  You'll learn more about what they do, how they got to where they are now, and their thoughts on what it takes to be successful.
  • The Entertainment Profession Outline (E-book),  The Hustle Bible (E-book), Personality Profile Test and Exercise worksheet, The Real-World Entertainment Principles PDF,  And more!

"The Entertainment Career Jumpstarter Course contains everything you need to know before jumping into the ‘great unknown’ that is the Entertainment Industry. This program covers the expectations from A to Z of what the 'real world' will demand from you whether you want to work in Music, Film or Video Games. Before investing 10’s of thousands in a trade school, you may find this is all you need to Jumpstart YOUR Entertainment Career!"

Michael Elsner
Music Licensing Guru / MasterMusicLincensing.com

"The Entertainment Career Jump-Starter is a no BS course you NEED to watch before pursuing a career in the industry. Casey delivers each video with sincerity & honesty. I wish this course was around when I was looking at a career in the entertainment industry! I came from a small town with no one to guide me in the right direction."

Luke Davis
Pitch Perfect Music Productions / www.pitchperfectmusictuition.com

"Casey answers questions one wouldn’t think to ask, and many things that no one thinks to teach in a school setting. Hearing from someone who has had years of real world experience gives you a much more accurate look at what a career in entertainment looks like, and will save so much time and money."

Laura Marie
Singer / Songwriter / www.lauramariemusic.com

"Anyone interested in any corner of the entertainment industry should take this course!" "

Andrew Mayer
Audio Post Production / Paragon Studios Technical Director / Mentor


My name is Casey, and I'm a music producer/Mixer and TV/Film Re-recording Mixer.
I work with world-class clientele across multiple industries in entertainment.  I've also mentored hundreds of people fresh out of school, all hoping to one day turn their dream job in entertainment into a reality.  
Over the 12 years of my career, I've been able to see what works, what doesn't, and why.  I've made the Entertainment Career Jump-Starter so you have the inside knowledge and tools that will result in you dominating where others have failed.

Select Credits:  Journey, Bang Bang Romeo, Emerson Drive, Small Town Pistols, Dr. John, [ABC] Nashville, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, [Sony Pictures] Patsy and Loretta, [Dreamworks/Netflix] VeggieTales: In The House, [Prime] The Expanse, and many more!

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