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Live Q&A - How To Keep Creative Control While Building A Successful Music Career - With Michael Elsner


In this Q&A Michael and I discuss how he obtained financial sustainability while keeping complete creative control.


     Topics covered in this video:

     Michael's Story - The twists and turns in his career that ultimately led to 2200 placements in TV and Film - and incredible financial success and sustainability.

     Breaking Past Boundaries - Michael talks about transcending borders and boundaries - how he's built a career by not being defined by a "genre". 

     The Shift Of The Music Industry - Michael and I reflect on how the playing field has changed, and how the artist has more control now than ever.

     Michael's Recording Rig - We discuss the equipment Michael uses to record every piece of music he makes.

     Why EVERY Artist Should Have A Recording Rig -  A songwriter without a recording rig is like a painter that doesn't have a paintbrush and canvas.  Michael and I talk about how you don't have true control over your songs until you have a recording of it.

     How The Recording Process Makes You A Better Musician - We discuss layering - and how recording makes you better at piecing together a better production.

    Some Tips On Buying Your First Recording Rig And Much More!

If you'd like to check out more of what Michael has to say about licensing, head over to www.mastermusiclicensing.com


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