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The Modern Music Business Is NOW

Become A Part Of The Most Amazing Time In The Entertainment Industry

There's been no better time in history to start your career in entertainment.  Now is the time to write, record, film, compose, design, program and SHARE your creativity with the world.  Modern Music Business is here to show you how to move forward with confidence!

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What Is The Modern Music Business?

It's Never Been Better Than This!

     We can make hit records from home on a laptop.  We can film quality content on our phones.  We can make wildly successful video games from the convenience of our bedrooms.  Never before has there been the tools and outreach available to take our creativity, and easily spread it across the globe.  Never before has there been such a strong appeal to get involved in the entertainment business, and Modern Music Business was made to help people like you navigate this amazing industry with absolute certainty and confidence!

     With over 12 years worth of world class experience in music and film,  Casey has been able to build up a credit list with clients ranging from Journey, Bang Bang Romeo, and Emerson Drive, to ABC/CMT's Nashville, Dreamworks VeggieTales, Pokemon Detective Picachu, and a lot more!

Casey Barker


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